Volunteers are the heart of the community

It was all fun and games at the Firemen’s Carnival last Saturday evening. But the reason for the carnival is serious enough. It is the main fundraiser for the Nome Volunteer Fire Department, an entirely volunteer-driven organization serving Nome and the region since 1937. People from Nome and the surrounding communities don’t shy away from adventurous rides to participate in the annual carnival, visiting with friends and family and spending bucks on games of chance, bingo and balloons, all for a good cause. A duo from White Mountain, traveling by four-wheeler on the Iditarod Trail to Nome, wanted to partake in the fun, but instead they ended up being subjects to a search by the Nome volunteer firemen when they didn’t arrive in Nome. Luckily, they were found alive and well, even in time to enjoy the carnival. The firefighters and their volunteer counterparts in the ambulance department are men and women who give their time to be trained and schooled to professionally deal with emergencies. They’ve got our backs. They risk their own lives and well-being for people who need help. We need to make sure that we help them in any way we can to make their jobs easier, be it by buying raffle tickets or letting folks know where we go so they know where to look for us. When you see a ambulance or fire volunteer, take the time and give them a sincere Thank You. —DH—

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