Raising honorable citizens

Do we expect too much from government? Listening to Governor Mike Dunleavy’s state of the state address, he pledged to make Alaska a safer place, by replacing SB 91, addressing the opioid crisis, and breaking the shameful distinction Alaska has as leading the nation in sexual assault. This is laudable, but nothing new. Governors before him have tried and failed, so what actions will follow Dunleavy’s tough words at the Capitol in Juneau?
One of the main functions of government is to protect its citizens and the rule of law serves that purpose. I submit that the citizenry also needs to do its part by being willing to learn the basics of the rule of law, how our society works and how to function within the rule of law.
Observing the  demise of good manners all around me, I also submit that if kids are not taught the basics of  saying “Please” and “Thank you”, of showing respect for Elders and teachers, how will they get the concept of courage, honor, courtesy, justice and a willingness to help the weak?
Right, they don’t.  
But it’s not up to government to fix that when it’s too late. It’s the job of the parents to instill values in the next generation that they will honor the rule of law and treat others as they want to be treated. —D.H.—

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