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It has been a while since Nome saw regular veterinarian care for  the city’s and the region’s dogs, cats and other four-legged companions. Since last April, however, we have noted the regular return of a new-to-Nome veterinarian who held so far three clinics in Nome and helped lots of dogs, cats and even a horse. With the help of Sandra Rowe and her staff at the Animal House, Dr. Gil VanSciver could set up shop and provide a much needed service that has been missing since our long-time vet Dr. Leedy retired. The result is that our animals are cared for and those who share their lives with felines, canines or equines have the peace of mind to know that help is available when it’s needed. I encourage all to welcome the new vet in town and to give him a good reason to stay. Also, gratitude is in order to the Animal House which has been advocating for pet health and made it possible for the vet to have a good start here. Thank you. —D.H.—

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