Never Apologize

A Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Nome once told me, “Never apologize.” Good advise, especially for a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Last week Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg called Trump a faker. (My niece in the Navy could have worded it better). Good for Justice Ruth, she called out the Emperor for having no clothes. She spoke the truth.

Now all the righteous folks who are quaking in their boots, because Ruth spoke the truth. Well, Justice Ruth, it’s too bad you felt obliged to apologize for a cowardly crowd that can’t stand up for itself. Some have called Trump the enigma of the Seven Deadly Sins. For sure he has a hollow core.

This week will prove to be a crazy wild time in Cleveland. Will Trump build a 12 ft. fence to keep the Russians out? —N.L.M.—

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