A message to predators

It is shocking to see this many “me, too” Facebook posts out there that reveal the depth, the severity and the pervasiveness of sexual assault in every strata of society, in every state and in the life experiences of so many women (and some men).
This issue has been talked about for a long time and yet nothing has changed, except for that the taboo is lifted and that it is OK to talk about it. Yet, the stigma connected with sexual assault is still there.
 October is domestic violence and sexual assault awareness month. But every day, child advocacy professionals, the ladies at the Bering Sea Women’s Group, or law enforcement officers see the ugly side of humanity that causes so much pain making the existence of these organizations necessary.
A few years back there was a green dot movement started to encourage the safe involvement of people intervening when they see wrongs done to a fellow human being.
That is what is needed.
We all need to muster the courage to send a message to sexual predators. Society needs to convey in the strongest words that sexual assault is and will not be tolerated here. Sexual predators will not be able to get away with their crimes. Only if the majority will quit being silent,quit protecting the perpetrators for fear of repercussions and quit looking the other way, then will we turn the page on sexual assault and domestic violence.
We need to raise our kids, especially girls, with respect and instill a firm set of beliefs of what is acceptable and what is not. They need to know how to say No and not feel obligated to obey when something doesn’t  feel right.  They need to know that they deserve better than being used for somebody else’s pleasure. And we need to raise our boys as peaceful warriors who know that violent behavior does not make a real man. —D.H.—

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