Letters: Impeachment

 To the editor,
 I’m sending this as a reply to your editorial of November 7, 2019. I’m a daily follower of the impeachment process, in fact I’ve been a daily follower of Donald Trump on CNN since he announced that he was going to run for President. I have watched CNN since it first came on the air. It’s been my #1 source for news since its inception. I would still watch the evening news, usually on NBC, but CNN was my main source to keep me in touch with the pulse of the world.
I’m no fool though and the thing about television news is that there is often video to complement the commentary and more and more what my eyes were seeing and what my ears were hearing was not quite jiving and once I noticed this, I began to scrutinize the news more and it started to become apparent that the news media was doing less and less reporting of the news and more and more pushing their agendas and propaganda, or brainwashing as they use to call it.
A prime example is the case of Nicolas Sandmann. I first heard the audio about this young man that was wearing a MAGA hat was intimidating and threatening a native American elder. My thoughts were very negative towards this young man, so I had a preconceived idea of him, then I finally saw some video of an interview with the elder with him saying that he did feel threatened by Nicolas and I’m thinking what is wrong with this kid. Well, I finally got to see a video of what happened and hear the story of why that young man from Kentucky and his classmates were in D.C. They were there to take part in an annual pro-life march and were quietly and respectfully observing a demonstration when he was approached by the elder who got in Nicolas’s face and was trying to intimidate him, but Nicolas just stood there smiling at him, making no moves speaking no words of aggression at all. The elder was the aggressor not Mr. Sandmann, but the news media tried to portray it the other way around.
I voted for Donald Trump and proud of it. Even if he proved to be the wrong man I voted for him to send a message to Washington that I’m sick of business as usual, do nothing politicians and political correctness. Fortunately Trump won and is proving without a doubt to be the right man for the job. Everyone seems to think our President is suppose to run around and be the court jester kissing all the other world leaders behinds and throw money around to other countries like it was confetti while our own country falls apart.
I want a strong leader, secure borders. Donald Trump is the one that is being besieged by a mob. The mob is working 24 hours a day trying to find something to bring him down and their kangaroo court that lying Schiff is running is going to be another embarrassment for the DNC. Schiff daily puts out lies and false innuendoes trying to sway public opinion, hoping to turning the public into a lynch mob that doesn’t care about truth, guilt, or innocence, they just want blood and it’s obvious from your editorial that you’ve bought into that mob mentality and have already found President Trump guilty. Probably have him sentenced in your mind, too.
You know when I really got turned off by CNN?
It was when they said you had to be a moron to vote for Trump. They don’t report the news, they tell me how I’m suppose  to think and if I don’t think like them I’m a moron. Your piece is trying to tell me how to think. I DON’T THINK SO!!!
Randy Huls, Brevig Mission

To the editor:
Yesterday, I came across a “OAN”(One America News) release on YouTube titled “Ukraine Files Exonerate Pres. Trump”. You probably missed it.
Anyone curious about what actually transpired between Pres. Zelenskiy of Ukraine and Pres. Trump via a phone conversation should view this video. It followed on the heels of a recent video of, then, VP Joe Biden recounting how he applied pressure to the President of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor that was investigating “Burisma Natural Gas Co.” This was the firm that hired his son to sit on their board of directors.
Since your editorial insinuates Pres. trump’s interaction with the Ukrainian government officials was for “personal gain”, I was curious to see how you arrived at that conclusion. Your reference to Pres. trump as “this corrupt inhabitant of the White House” left me with the impression that perhaps you are a bit biased and incapable of presenting the facts here. Actually, your qualifying statement that this account was “in broad strokes” would have been more accurately labeled as “more of my resistance BS”.
Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are typical of the Washington corruption that Pres. Trump said he would end. As Pres. Obama’s VP, Joe Biden oversaw the activities in Ukraine with an emphasis on USAID. So, on 4/22/14, Biden stated to the Ukrainian Prime Minister “I think you should ramp up production of natural gas and there are some Americans here on the ground to help.” This meeting followed Biden’s meeting with Devon Archer one of Hunter Biden’s associates in “Rosemont Seneca Partners”.
Less than two weeks later “Burisma” hired Hunter to sit on its board of directors even though he had no knowledge of the gas industry. He was paid, according to FBI records, as reported by John Solomon of “The Hill”, $83,000 twice monthly for 3 years on top of his retainer fee of $250,000 for his law firm. That came to just under $3 million over the course of his time on the board. Does any of this appear suspect to you? How do you cover this in “broad strokes”. If you watch that YouTube video, you’ll see John Solomon report on why it should appear suspect.
In closing your editorial, you stated “lies have a tendency to be exposed and the truth will inevitably come out.” The truth is coming out every day though there are those that are “too blind to see.” Maybe former President Obama knew this would happen when his former VP , Joe Biden, decided to become a presidential candidate in 2020. Who knows what horrors he could see being exposed when he suggested to Biden, “Joe, you don’t have to do this.” I don’t really see the problem unless you consider, Biden as a candidate is probably not quite as “clean and articulate” as he needs to be. You’ll probably want to cover him with more of your broad strokes.  
Chick Trainor, Nome



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