When President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed, “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he was dealing with a nation exhausted by incredible fighting and loss of life. So what is the difference between now and then? How many of us remember the Norman Rockwell painting of the policeman sitting at a soda fountain sharing a friendly ice cream cone with a lost little boy?

Why are the fears of yesterday so much more terrifying than the fears of today? Do we have so many more absolute nut cases out there swinging humongous assault rifles? Have we lost the fundamental aspect of trust between our police department and ourselves? Have we given up on our police departments? The police departments of America belong to the people. We need to readopt a true peoples police department. Not a paramilitary police organization.

Above all we need to make certain that our police departments make sure they are careful to observe the sanctity of human life. All lives matter.  —N.L.M.—

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