Did you read that editorial?

Yes! Ridiculous! Can they print stuff like that?
Yes they can, in a newspaper’s editorial space, which is reserved for a newspaper or magazine editor, publisher or editorial board to state an opinion. An editorial is a short article written by or on behalf of an editor that gives her own views or policies on a topical issue. It is their prerogative. An editorial can be complimentary or critical in tone.  The piece may point out that, in the writer’s opinion, an action, practice or policy needs to start, keep going or stop, to advance the public good. An editorial may praise or criticize the actions of a public official or government group and say “throw the bums out.”
 It may be a political endorsement. It may say thumbs down on a candidate for political office. It may alert the public to corruption. An editorial may dole out some “atta boys” or “atta girls.” Depending on their own points of view, readers may find the editor’s opinion right on the money or even outrageous. An effective editorial starts the reader thinking. That’s its job.
I hope my editorials have done that—stimulated thought about what has been happening—bad or good —for our community over the 34 years I have been editor and publisher of The Nome Nugget.  I have loved Nome and the folks in our community and our village neighbors since the day I took over in 1982. I must depart soon. I will bid an affectionate farewell to all.

Nancy L. McGuire
Editor and publisher
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