All over but the shouting

It is what it is. The people have voted. One side, one presidential candidate won. It can be no other way.
Another opportunity to approve or disapprove the way it is coming down from the top will come along in four years. For now, we can celebrate or make the best of it.

Meanwhile, we can go on with our lives. We can turn off the TV sets and honor the local heroes in our community who pull their load to move the whole show along. These are the folks who go to work every day, raise families, grade the roads, take care of grandkids, help with homework, go to school meetings, wash dishes, wait tables, pick up the garbage, drive trucks, stock shelves, respond to emergencies, and hold the door open for people going in and out of the post office with packages.

It is likely that none of the real celebrities among us will ever appear on cable television. Let’s acknowledge them, value them and keep on keeping on, in harmony.


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