Simon "Paninguk" Jack

Simon "Paninguk" Jack

February 4, 1945 - April 18, 2016

Simon “Paninguk” Jack was born to his loving parents Louis “Azeukluk” Jack and Daisy “Muktoyuk” (Noyakuk) Jack on February 4, 1945 in Sheldon, Alaska. He joined Mom and Dad in Heaven April 18, 2016.

Simon grew up living the traditional Inupiaq style as one of three brothers and three sisters.  He attended Nome Public Schools.

Simon grew up in Nome, Alaska where he spent many years as a passionate hunter, fisherman and reindeer herder through the Reindeer Herders Association. He lived his life in the loving and supporting community of Teller, to which held a very special place in his heart. He hunted, gathered, and lived the subsistence life, which truly defined him. Simon was dedicated to his family and friends, he will be a great treasure missed.

Simon was always ready for an adventure, driver or not. Growing up he was the boat driver/provider, whether it be hunting, gathering, fishing. Helping out his Uncle Jones “Tocktoo” Noyakuk and Martha Noyakuk in Teller along with his mom and dad in Nome. No matter the destination he would take everyone there in Louis and Daisy’s boat then eventually his for seasonal hunting and gathering. After high school he pursued being a baker, taught Terri how to make the best pie crust, but essentially the outdoors life called his name. Hence becoming a reindeer herder.

Strom Dickson and Johnnie “Suunanuliq” “Hunka” Noyakuk, his closest and first cousin ,was always by his side throughout his adult life. Adventuring, hunting, fishing, living Native rural life together. One of his adventures, a story he would share with Johnnie and family was about when he was stranded out in the great outdoors after his sno-go broke down. Simon started walking towards home in Teller through several feet of snow. As he was trudging along and feeling defeated the sky abruptly opened up and he saw the most beautiful Northern Lights he had ever seen. That to him was so very special. Simon spent his later years enjoying visiting his family out of state, meeting new people, doing new things and getting his sun. He was quite the sunbather.

His fighting spirit and strong style will be greatly cherished and missed. He never let his lifelong injury keep him down. His latest strength challenges during his last vacation he hiked the Redwood forest in California with his nieces Destini, Roben and Carolyn with their family and children, a treasured time and memory.

Simon is survived by his brother, Henry “Kacasua” Jack; his sisters, Terri “Auka” (Jack) Randall and Sarah “Boota” Jack. His tough spirit and loving heart will live on through many loving cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.

Simon is preceded in death by his parents Louis and Daisy Jack, his younger brother Jimmy “Eyuk” Jack as well as his sister Lucy “Illuisana” (Jack) Okie.

Friends and family are invited to attend a Celebration of Life at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Nome, Alaska on Saturday, May 7 at 2:00 pm with a potluck to follow. The family is grateful for the condolences, love and memories shared.

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