Quentin Wynette Oseuk

Quentin Wynette Oseuk

February 15, 1974 - October 2, 2020

Quentin Wynette Oseuk was born on February 15, 1974. He went to be with the Lord peacefully on October 2, 2020. Quentin lived a quiet life with his mother Emma. And while they lived together, they both were blessed with their talents to help support themselves by arts and crafts, skin sewing, beading, carving, hunting, and whenever they were hired doing odd jobs. 

They enjoyed the outdoors that God gave them to enjoy and cherish when they lived together. They also loved to go camping with family and friends. 

Quentin was brought up by his mother who had faith in God, praying for his wellbeing and to have faith in God too. John 3:16.

Quentin helped his family by providing in subsistence hunting whale, walrus, seal hunting, and fishing with his cousins Arron Jr. and Brendan and son Shay-Shay (nephew) and with other relatives. He enjoyed fishing a lot and this last summer in June, he had fun catching all he could catch. And everybody in his family had delicious meals! His favorite past time was going digging, walking and being with friends.

Quentin’s childhood life was a blessing to his family and anybody who knew him. He was a cheerful and a lively boy, always likes to laugh and too active.

Despite of his struggling and hardships, in later years, recently as an adult, he was a kind and helpful person to family and relatives and friends. He helped his family as much as he could with whatever or however he could when they are in need. Mostly during the time he was traveling for treatment appointments. People he met were like old friends who help him with meals, even money. His family member told him, these are your Angels from Heaven God sent.

Quentin is survived by family, aunts Lucy, June, and Kathy and her husband Tom. Cousins Arron Jr., Brendan, Miriam, Walter Punguk, Richard Okinello, Eugene. Nieces Virginia, Samantha, Katie, Amber, Grace, Bertha and their children. Nephews Brian, Shay-Shay Tan’nga, Dillion, Julian, Wayne, Bastian Minglu and Ali. Nieces children Virginia and Jaymes’ Hailey, Emma Leigh, Chesney, Marlon, and baby Willis, Sam’s daughter Liana, Katie’s son Greyson and Julian’s son Siluk.

He was preceded in death by his mother Emma, uncle Arron Sr. and wife Virgie, baby Malcom (uncle),  Hilger (aunt), his grandparents Walter and Emily, nephew Arnold and his relatives, Oozevas, Booshus, Koonookas, Ungotts, Apangalooks and Rookoks in Savoonga.

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