Kelley Perry Tucker Bahnke Green

Kelley Perry Tucker Bahnke Green

April 18, 1977 ~ Nov. 21, 2019

Kelley Perry Tucker Bahnke Green was born on April 18, 1977 in Anchorage,Alaska, the fifth child of parents Louis and Angeline Green. Kelley left us unexpectedly on Nov. 21, 2019 at the young age of 42 while in Anchorage. On Dec. 6, Kelley’s Celebration of Life was held at the United Methodist Church in Nome. Burial services took place at Lee’s Camp, located at mile 38.5 along the Nome-Council Highway. After family and friends laid Kelley to rest, a fireworks display followed as tribute to his love for blowing off fireworks during family gatherings and events.

Kelley was raised in Nome and Pilgrim Hot Springs. He lived most of his life in Nome, where he resided at the time of his passing. At the ripe age of 4-years-old he was herding goats with a Honda three-wheeler while riding around the yard at camp.

Kelley loved adventure and would often instigate a trip to the country which could be any number of activities such as bridge jumping, four wheeling up a beach, creek or river, following an off-road trail which often entailed getting stuck, which then meant he was on mission to get unstuck before help could arrive. He could get out of any predicament that he got himself into since he had so much experience in the matter. He loved inner tubing whit his boys from his sister’s camp along the Solomon River, blowing off fireworks on the Fourth of July, going road hunting, fishing or exploring the countryside. In his younger days, he would often run his boat down the Pilgrim River with his friends. On one such excursion, he almost sank his boat as one of his crew had left the plug out. As it happened, while Kelley and crew were on the river bank, the boat took on water. When they got back to the boat it was nearly submerged! Kelley jumped in and started bailing with a tackle box. They managed to get enough water out which allowed the crew to get the boat to the shallow side of the river and empty it. Just a sample of what it was like to go on an adventure wit Kelley, always a little action, a lot of fun, beer and a crazy story to tell at the end.  

Kelley was employed at Nanuq, Inc. working in the maintenance department. He also worked commercial crabbing for Norton Sound Seafood Products during the winter crabbing season with his partner Jim Abbott. His past work history included working in security for Norton Sound Health Corporation and the Seaside Center.

Kelley was preceded in death by his mother Angeline E. Green, nephews Lindsey Reader and Logan Green-Reader.

Kelley is survived by his father Louis Green Sr. (Nancy Green), brothers Louis Green Jr. (Lee Ann Green), Stacey Green (Mary Reader), Kohren Green, sisters Briday Green and Brenda Green; his four sons Kevin, Trevor, Robin and Perry Green, his girlfriend Jennifer Adsuna, uncles Robert Bahnke Sr. and Dennis Conner, aunts Dorothy and Dot Green, and many cousins and friends.

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