Johanna Cheemuk

Johanna Marie “Aangarraq” Cheemuk

April 12, 1982~ Feb. 24, 2019

Johanna Marie Cheemuk, well known as “Aangarraq” was born April 12,1982. She is the eldest daughter of Thomas Sr. and Elsie Cheemuk. She received her Eskimo name when the real Aangarraq passed on April 11, 1982. She is also known as “Sister, Beer-Beer, and Bally.” Most of all she loved being who she is. Johanna graduated from Anthony A. Andrew’s high school with her classmates of 2001. She loved her children dearly: Tyrone Cheemuk Fitka and Renesmae Cheemuk. Johanna worked as a bingo worker, pull tab monitor, City Council member, St. Michael IRA president and member, and election judge. Johanna enjoyed being with family and friends. She also attended basketball games and cheering for her favorite team (Baby Axels). She loved to tease and make all her nieces and nephews cry, who she has a special name for each one. She liked to seriously tease and joke with close friends and family. She was always organized and kept her belongings clean.

She is survived by her parents Thomas Sr. and Elsie Cheemuk, sisters Aida Cheemuk-Lake, Tamira and Tommicina Cheemuk; brothers Thomas Jr. and Axel Cheemuk and many nieces and nephews.

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