Geraldine Cahill

Geraldine Ann Cahill

Geraldine Ann Cahill was born on April 13, 1939, to John Cahill and Rita Commanda in Temagami Ontario, Canada. 

Geraldine, affectionally called, Geri, was a young girl when her family moved to northern Ohio where she lived, was married and raised her children.  As a young lady, Geri married Charles Zola and had four boys, John, Michael, Peter and Paul. 

After re-marrying to Dick Stanford, she had another boy, Roy.

Geri was raised and worked on a farm most of her life. She knew the value of hard work and enjoyed the simplicity of life.  She loved and cared for animals, especially horses.  She enjoyed working outside and working with her hands. 

While on a vacation at a gem field shifting for gems, she had heard of Nome, Alaska. 

The first summer in Nome, she pitched a tent on the beach and panned for gold.  Finding gold in love, Geri met her beloved partner, Ralph, and in early 2000s she moved to Nome.

Geri was kind, patient, and giving.  She was witty and funny, stubborn and strong. She was friendly and very personable.  Many who knew her enjoyed her company. She loved her boys and cherished her friendships.  She was also an avid reader.

Geraldine is preceded in death by her son Roy Stanford and is survived by her partner, Ralph Alexander, Jr. 

Her sons John, (Charlotte), Michael (Patty), Peter (Terry) of Ohio and Paul of Indiana; grandchildren Michael (Debbie), Lily (Darcy) and Brianna and two great-grandchildren of Ohio.

Geri was loved by many and will be missed dearly.

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