Gary Neubauer

Gary Neubauer

March 23, 1950 ~August 24, 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of beloved father, friend, husband and colleague Gary Neubauer.

Gary was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 23 1950, the only child of Elsie and Steven Neubauer. He left this world on August 24, 2021, after a long and difficult illness.

Gary had a deep love for nature. He was happiest when he could spend time in wilderness areas. He left home at the young age of 19 to explore Canada’s great wilderness for three years. During this time, he hunted, gathered and fished for his food. He occasionally took odd jobs to support himself but did not stay in one place for long. He would often say in later years that he was “going to church” anytime he was heading out for an outdoor activity in the wilderness. Eventually the Canadian Mounted Police caught up with him and told him to go back to his own country. It was a good thing they did because shortly after being forced back to the United States, he met Betty Johnson, a beautiful young lady that would become his wife and the mother of his children. 

Early on he realized that he wanted to make a better life for his wife and future children so he enrolled in college at Northern Michigan University. Three short years later he graduated with his bachelor’s degree and went on to get his master’s from Michigan State University. During this time Gary and Betty welcomed the birth of their daughter Sara. Gary had heard about good job opportunities in Alaska and decided to move his young family there once he completed his education.

He was an exceptionally hard worker. After graduating from the police academy in Sitka and taking jobs in Juneau, Hoonah and Fairbanks, he finally settled the family in Nome. He worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer at the Nome Youth Facility and thoroughly enjoyed all the hunting, fishing and other subsistence opportunities the area had to offer. By this time, he and Betty had also welcomed the birth of their son Jeffrey. These were very happy years for his growing family. He taught his children the value of subsistence activities and provided plenty of wild foods, as well as outdoor experiences. Gary was eventually offered a job in Fairbanks with opportunities for advancement and moved his family there in 1993 where he remained until his retirement as the Regional Director of Juvenile Probation for the Northern Region. Unfortunately, Gary and Betty’s marriage did not stand the test of time.

As luck would have it though, he reconnected with his old friend Antoinette Rice in his later years. He married Antoinette shortly after he retired and the couple had very happy years together before the onset of his illness. Gary was famous for never really saying goodbye. In his own words, “bye for now.”

Gary is survived by his daughter Sara (Rafał) Lizak, son Jeffrey Neubauer, granddaughter Lilly Lizak and wife Antoinette Neubauer.

Gary is preceded in death by his mother Elsie Wolfson, stepfather Charles Wolfson and father Steven Neubauer.


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