David Scott Walluk

David Scott Walluk II

Dec. 6, 1982 ~ Sept. 8, 2020

David Scott Walluk II was born in Anchorage, AK on Dec. 6, 1982 to Tunney and Phyllis Walluk. He passed away on Sept. 8, 2020 in Nome, AK.

David was 37 years young, graduate from Nome-Beltz in 2003. He loved hunting so much he didn’t even want to go to his own graduation ceremony. He went boating right after it was done.

He had a lot of knowledge to subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering. He grew up with his Walluk family, where he learned the subsistence way of life and was taught how to Eskimo dance, sing and drum with his Iknokinok family.

He loved working and being with kids. David was a substitute teacher at Head Start for a number of years. During the summers he would work at Norton Sound Seafood Products and did a handful of different positions there. From cutting halibut to making freezer boxes to working on the little crane that unloads fish from the boats. He was also a deckhand from time to time.

David was a very outdoorsy guy. Always wanted to do something and always had a place in mind of where to go. He understood the way of the land and waters, which meant he knew what rifles to have and items to bring. He taught whoever was with him, shared his knowledge of what he knew.

His friends called him “Walluk”; he was known for being a quiet person, but also humorous. Always had jokes and loved talking to people on the road while going for rides out in the country. He always had his gospel music ready to play. Many of his friends have numerous stories in different places at different times in his life; from basketball trips to snow machine rides; from moose hunting to boating and to family gatherings.

His love for his nieces and nephew was strong to heart. He loved taking them on 4-wheeler rides and just recently spring hunting. His nephew Nathaniel loved fishing with his uncle the most! David always had a lot of patience to show younger kids, not just his nieces and nephews. To show them how things work and why they work and taught them to always give away their first catch to an elder. He was always proud to help out anyone who wanted to learn our traditional ways.

David is survived by his parents Tunney and Phyllis Walluk, his sister Ginna and husband Bobby, his brother Clifford, nephew Nathaniel, nieces Bernice and Katelyn and Grandma Della. Along with aunts, uncles and many cousins from both sides of the family.

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