Alex Carl Eldon Otten, Jr.

October 1, 2022 – December 27, 2022

Alex Carl Eldon Otten, Jr. graced us with his presence on October 1, 2022, few weeks shy of his due date. He was born at Norton Sound Health Corporation in Nome, Alaska. Alex was born to Alicia Niksik and Alex Otten, Sr.

Although he was with a short time, he made a big impact in all of our lives. He loved it when his dad played music for him, He found it very soothing. He loved being talked to and hearing noises, reassuring him that mom and dad were around him when they would get busy.

We had hopes, wishes and dreams for him to be a basketball player, that he would go snow machine riding and hunting with his dad. We also wished for him to be big and protect his sisters and family, a gentle giant.

Alex Jr. is survived by his parents Alicia Niksik and Alex Otten; sisters Amari, Akira and Ayesha. His sister Faith Washington on his dad's side. He also has other siblings on both sides. He is also survived by his maternal grandpa Anthony Niksik, aunts Sarah and Matthew Wiseman, Zoe and Taylor Kobuk; uncle George K. Dan, many aunts, uncles and cousins on his maternal side. Paternal grandma Paula Myomick; aunts: Paige Myomick, Rachel and Nick Patton and Alexa Agibinik; uncles Paul Agibinik, Jr. and Patrik Agibinik. Paternal great grandmother Virginia Shipton; many aunts, uncles and cousins on his paternal side.

He is preceeded in death by his cousin Laya Dan, great uncle Hermes Dan, uncle Steven Niksik, great aunt Georgianna Conlon, cousin Eric Dan; grandma Geraldine Niksik. On his paternal side great grandpa John Shipton and grandpa Pius Pete; great grandparents William and Flora Myomick.


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