SCHOOL VISITORS— On Friday morning, a polar bear sow and her cub wandered into Little Diomede and visited the entrance to the school. They milled around in the area between the school, the power plant and the local clinic before heading back to the helipad and into the still ice free Bering Strait

Polar bear with cub visits Diomede School

By Santiago Hubahib Jr.
Diomede School SPED Teacher/History Teacher
A polar bear with cub came to school early on Friday, Nov. 5.
An emergency alarm was heard at 10:15 a.m. when a huge polar bear with a cub was spotted and roaming around the entrance and vicinity of the Little Diomede School.
People were rushing for safety while the polar bear guards were positioning to keep the bears away from the kids.
The bears were roaming in the vicinity for about 10 minutes before they went back to the sea near the helipad area.
John Ahkvaluk , 56, a polar bear guard revealed that this is not a good sign for the village. It’s the first time in several years that bears come at this time of the year. “It’s a warning that they got no food out there and they came looking for it here,” he said.
After the incident, Luchie Manlangit, the school principal, and I invited John Ahkvaluk to talk to the kids and to share some protocols if polar bear will come around again.


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