Dwight Lincoln Payenna Anowlic-Okitkon

January 8, 1996 ~ June 16, 2021

Dwight Lincoln Payenna Anowlic-Okitkon was born in Nome on January 8, 1996 and passed away unexpectedly in Anchorage on June 16, 2021.

He is survived by his parents Melinda Anowlic and David Okitkon; brothers and sisters Geneva Anowlic-Okitkon,  Cody Anowlic-Soolook, Deborah (Denali) Anowlic, twins Marise (Maliya) and Robert Hurley (Larson) and Jada Anowlic, grandparents Sylvia Eningowuk, and Wilfred Anowlic , Lena Kiminock, and Reginald and Evelyn Okitkon, aunts Marsha Lee, Clarissa Nakak, Mayac Enyart, and Uncle Playdon Anowlic, and many cousins, nephews and nieces.

 He is joined in Heaven by great grandparents Lincoln and Emily Millirock, great uncle Joseph Anowlic, aunt Deborah Okitkon, uncle Paul Lee, aunt Roberta Lee, and cousin Damian Anowlic-Seeganna.

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