Bo Gregory Adams  “Bosee” “Bogruqchaaq

Bo Gregory Adams “Bosee” “Bogruqchaaq

November 15, 1983 - October 12, 2022

Bo Gregory Adams was the third born child to Dennis Adams and Maryann Charles. Bo has three sisters Olga, Brenda and Colleen. He also was the proud older brother to Franklin. Bo also was a proud father of Derek Louis.

Bo grew up in Koyuk most of his younger years, but he also loved visiting his Uncle Putto and Mary D in White Mountain.

Bo schooled at Koyuk Elementary School and Koyuk High School. He received his GED in 2003. Bo had a childhood of adventure, laughter, hunting, school sports, and over all the joy of growing up in Koyuk.

He learned how to gather wood with our dad to heat our loving three bedroom home up on the hilltop of Koyuk above the school. He also learned how to chop, saw and haul wood with our father. He had to learn how to haul water from the local freshwater creek for our daily chores. This was part of the joy and adventure of growing up in Koyuk. He loved his hometown. We also went to Sunday School and church which was also part of the sense of community we had, Bo was a people person. His nature and his being was all a part of the joy of growing up in Koyuk. Bo was close to all his cousins and classmates growing up and that carried on as he grew into the young adult he was. Bo also learned how to hunt anything from ptarmigan to moose, again this was the joy of growing up in Koyuk, he often took walks as a young child to look for ptarmigan. He always knew there was an adventure out there, and he always had the passion to go and look for it.

As a young adult Bo worked in Koyuk whatever jobs that were available, but he mainly had the desire to be in the country. He loved hunting birds and delivering them to our precious Grandma Ethel and others in the community who he knew would enjoy the catch. He often took his cousins, but it wasn’t rare he went alone even by foot. He was always willing to help not wanting anything in return, helping others made him happy. He gave advice but never wanted to discourage or correct others. He adapted to others well and gained friends quickly.

Bo moved to Nome in 2014 as this is where his mom, sisters, three nieces, two nephews and three aunts were. His brother Franklin also was there periodically.  He worked at Tesoro and AC Quickstop. He also mined with some friends who he met during his time in Nome. These were the perfect jobs for him as he liked to interact with people. He was also found at Breakers helping cleanup after closing. He was also in the local Nome Pool League. Bo made countless friends here in Nome and often helped in anyway Bo helped. He loved stopping by his sister’s place to grab his guns to adventure out in the country. He went on adventures with friends he had made while living here in Nome whether it be car rides, hunting, camping, boating or fishing.

Bo adored his nieces and nephews; he called all his nieces- Niecer. He gave his two nephews utility knives as he knew they would be forever useful. Even if his youngest nephew was only three at the time of the precious gift.

Bo is survived by his parents Dennis Adams and Maryann “Gummick” Charles; son Derek Louis; brother Franklin Adams; sisters Olga (Raymond), Brenda and Colleen; nephews Alfred and Calvin; nieces Ariana, Angela and Julianne. Aunts Donna Adams, Dorothy Adams, Marie Adams, Violet Charles, Arlene Charles and Mary Darlene Charles. Uncles Gene Adams, Charles “Chuckie” Charles, Leslie “Hindy” Charles (Anne), Clifford “Buddy” Charles, Dwayne Charles, Leo Charles Sr. (Becky), Grandmother Alice Charles and numerous cousins.

Bo is preceded in death by his grandparents Alfred and Ethel Adams and his Pop Sankey Charles and Olga Charles; Aunts Doris Kaloke, first Dorothy Adams, Lucille “Bun” Charles and Charles baby Sister; Uncles first and second Donald Adams, Darold Adams, Robert “Putto” Charles, Moody Charles, Clifton “Bighead” Charles, Larry and Richard Daniels and Albert “Caboosie” Charles. Cousins Michelle Kaloke, Baby Adams, Baby Hoogendorn, Justin Adams, Gary Kavairlook, John Charles, and Dale Adams.



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