LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR— Lt. Governor Byron Mallott visited Nome and addressed the crowd at the Berry Festival at Anvil City Square on Sunday afternoon. He is pictured with Mayor Beneville, left, and Crystal Serenity Captain Birger Vorland.

Ltn. Governor Byron Mallott speaks at Berry Festival

Lieutenant Governor of Alaska Byron Mallott spoke at the Berry Festival in Nome on Sunday, August 20 on stage in front of Old St. Joe’s at Anvil City Square. Introduced by Mayor Richard Beneville, Mallott thanked the community for holding such a successful event and welcoming the passengers of the Crystal Serenity cruise ship for the second year in a row.
“Thank you for being the kind of community that reaches out to everyone who comes here,” said Mallott. “I’d like to join the mayor in thanking all of those who made this event possible; this day possible, and it’s a very special day with the arrival of the Crystal Serenity as it makes once again a historic voyage through the Northwest Passage.”
Captain Birger Vorland of the Crystal Serenity cruise ship also joined Mayor Beneville and Lieutenant Governor Mallott on the stage in Anvil City Square to address the crowd at Nome’s Blueberry Festival.
“Today you really put out the most amazing weather,” said Vorland. “We’re very, very, very happy to be here. The Northwest Passage cruise last year was a highlight for Crystal Cruises - the most successful cruise we’ve ever done, from guest satisfaction. Everybody was just amazed at the ability to come up and see this very, very special part of the world.”
Captain Vorland continued to describe how the cruise ship begins its journey to the Northwest Passage in Nome, and will follow in the path of explorer Roald Amundsen, making its way up through the Bering Strait, throughout the Canadian Arctic, and ending in New York City.
Last summer was the inaugural year for the Crystal Serenity to cruise through the Northwest Passage. The ship completed its journey in 2016 from Vancouver to New York City in 28 days, making it the largest ship to ever cross the Northwest Passage.
During the speeches at the Blueberry Festival, Mayor Richard Beneville made note of a special exchange last year – he gave a book to Captain Vorland to deliver to Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City as a gift, “from one Mayor to another.” Mayor Beneville also took time to thank all those involved in making the festival a successful event for both locals and tourists alike.


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