FULL BLAST— The youth division of last weekend’s Fun Run in Unalakleet blasts out of the gates. The run was part of weekend geared towards healthy activities that included the annual Silver Salmon Derby, the Berry Bake-off and a community barbeque. SILVER SALMON DERBY— Salmon derby officials Sam Towarak, Tony Haugen, Aaron Burmeister, Elaine Nisson and Sam Ivanoff weigh in Lilly Lusten-Katongan’s  9.8 lb silver, which tied for first place.ONE BIG FISH — Lily Lausten Katongan poses with her winning 9.8-pounder. She tied for first place with Cedar Busk. GOOD JOB— Dustin Morris of the American Heart Association  passes out medals at the finish line to third place finisher Taylor Johnson, just ahead of 9-year-old Cohen Musser, visiting from Denver Colorado.

Unalakleet celebrates weekend of fishing, baking and feasting

The 19th annual NAC Community BBQ, Silver Salmon Derby and Berry Bake off kicked off Friday evening at 5 p.m.in Unalakleet. NAC hosts the events with help from volunteers representing SBS and the Iditarod to make the family oriented outdoor activities complete with food, raffles and prizes for all.
Donna Smith, Laverne Saccheus and Kathy Commack placed first, second and third in the Berry Bake off. Anne Ivanoff won the non-Berry category.
Ten-year-old Lily Lausten and Cedar Busk, also 10, tied for first place in the Silver Derby with 9.8 lb fish.
Wassuk Jones won the smallest fish at around 2lbs.  
Fish weighing in at 8.9 lb. and 8.8lb took first and second place for the adults.
The BBQ was free to all. Prizes included thousands of dollars in freight from NAC, tools and other useful goodies from SBS and fishing gear and memorabilia from Iditarod.
In 2013 Nick Hanson of Unalakleet joined up with Healthy Futures Harlow Robinson and two-time Seward Mount Marathon Champion Matias Saari to add the Fun Run to the events.
This year NAC and the Alaska Heart Association joined in to help sponsor the run. Nearly 100 runners, walkers, strollers and even a dog signed up this year. The 5k run has a men’s and women’s division, the 1-mile is intended for youth.
It was a healthy family-oriented event with ages ranging from infants to elders. Timing was for personal bests and everyone had fun.
The top finishers in the Men’s 5K were Kris Busk 22:14, Brendan Ellis 22:48 and Duncan Ivanoff 23:10.
Aly Daniels won the Women’s 5K in 24:06, second was Louisa Albright at 26:19 and Joanne Semaken with a time of30:23.  
Eight-year -old Ourea Busk won the 1-mile youth course in about eight minutes, Paxon Commack, in 9 minutes and Teylor Johnson-Otten in 10 minutes.
Unalakleet thanks Northern Air Cargo’s Cheryl ‘Ducky’ Johnson and Elaine Nisson, SBS’s Steve Mattila, Iditarod’s Aaron Burmeister, Alaska Heart Association’s Dustin Morris, West Coast Aviation Services, Iron Dog and NSSP as well as all the local volunteers and participants who made this weekend enjoyable for all.

Berry Dessert Winners:
1. Donna Smith: Blueberry Lasagna
2. Laverne Saccheus:10 lbs Blueberry Cheesecake
3. Kat Commack: Berry Cups
Non-Berry Winner:
Anne Ivanoff      Chocolate Pecan Pie

Fish Derby:
Adult Winners
1.  Bret Hanson, 8.9 lbs
2.  Kira Eckenweiler, 8.8 lbs
2.  Larry Lausten,  8.8 lbs
2.  Gage Ivanoff, 8.8 lbs
3.  Jolene Jones, 8.5 lbs
15-Years & Younger
1.  Cedar Busk, 9.8 lbs
1. Lily Lausten-Katongan, 9.8 lbs
2. Bristol Burress, 9.1 lbs

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