Alexie Morris Jr. was arrested after a month on the run from the law.

Fugitive arrested after aerial and land chase

After nearly a month of evading law enforcement, Alexie Morris Jr., 42, of Nome was apprehended by Alaska State troopers near Cape Nome, after a hunt that involved a Wildlife Trooper Supercub, a chartered helicopter and several state troopers in patrol cars.
According to Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Charlie Cross, Morris Jr. was wanted on two assault charges stemming from attacks on a couple of people that occurred on Sept. 13.
A few days later, warrants for his arrest were issued.
For a month Morris Jr. evaded the troopers’ search for him in and around Nome, but on Oct. 12 information reached the troopers that pointed them in the right direction. The troopers acted on the tip and dispatched an Alaska Wildlife Trooper plane to aid with the search. AWT pilot Mike Cresswell and Sgt. Cross were onboard and spotted Morris Jr. driving on a four-wheeler along the beach near mile 14 of the Nome-Council Highway. Trooper cars were also dispatched to intercept Morris. However when troopers tried to flag him down, when he got off the beach and onto the road, Morris went onto the tundra and drove towards the backside of Cape Nome. There, the troopers in the Supercub circled him for half an hour until it was decided to bring in a helicopter that could land on the tundra.
Morris used the trail across Cape Nome to drive towards Nome. There, on the soggy tundra, the four-wheeler got stuck and the helicopter with two troopers landed to apprehend Morris. According to Sgt. Cross, Morris did not cooperate with trooper requests to get on the ground, refused to comply and was pepper sprayed. He was then arrested without further resistance and transported via helicopter to the road, where troopers took him into custody. Morris was believed to be armed and dangerous, based on threats he made to his family, Cross said.
Morris was transported to AMCC where he was remanded on the two warrants and bail was set at $10,000 each. Morris was arraigned on Oct. 13 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 20 at 1:30 p.m.

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